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The balloon that could take you to ‘the edge of space’ for $75,000 just got real

According to Business Insider UK a company called World View is planning to float passengers to “the edge of space” — about 20 miles into the sky — via balloon by the end of 2016.

While there is no real consensus on where exactly space begins, the International Astronautical Federation thinks it starts at the 100-kilometer mark — about 62 miles up. According to that definition, this 5-hour joy ride get you 1/3 of the way there.

It will also include cocktails, stunning views of the stars, the blackness of space, and the curvature of Earth, all for the hefty sum of $75,000 — about the price of a new entry-level Tesla.

Reserve your spot here. Become A Voyager.

Credit: Business Insider UK & World View

P.S. When we published this post the World View website was down, hence quoting Business Insider UK. We will redact this post once their website is up and running.

Article by Dan Costin

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