Virgin Galactic: Tomorrow will be better than today

Virgin Galactic is tourism in which tourists pays big chunk of money for commercial seats in the spaceships for Space travel adventure. Space travel opportunity is so far very limited and expansive. Space Adventures, a company, which books flights for space tourists on the spacecraft of Russian Space Agency, charges $25 to 40 million per seat.

As the world’s first spaceline, we are by our very nature futuristic. Although we’re focused on getting SpaceShipTwo and LauncherOne into commercial service, those two projects are also a start towards even greater things. Here at Virgin Galactic, we’ll still be hard at work to further open the space frontier. Someday, we’ll have learned so much from flying SpaceShipTwo and LauncherOne that we can retire those vehicles and debut SpaceShipThree and LauncherTwo, and so on and so forth. While it’s far too soon to say what those vehicles will look like or even what they will do, our founder is particularly fond of the idea of hypersonic point-to-point transportation, using a mix of SpaceShipTwo and LauncherOne fundamental technologies. What seems almost certain, though, is that the things that most inspire us fifty years from now will be ideas no one has even considered yet today. We know first hand that space exploration has a uniquely powerful ability to spark the imagination and to motivate the next generation of leaders. Beyond all of the concrete and near-term benefits of human spaceflight and of small satellite launch, what we are most excited about is perhaps exactly that: the power and freedom of imagination. Visit:

Article by Dan Costin

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