Great Gallery: Il Palato Italiano

“The sense of the journey is stopping to listen to everyone who has a story to tell”

Driving has always been connected with visiting new territories.And you actually get to know a territory only if you taste their signature food and wine specialties.

Il Palato Italiano, in partnership with Royal Automobile Club of London, propose Italy out of Italy: a gala dinner that will be held the 12th of March in the outstanding frame of the Great Gallery at Pall Mall clubhouse. Chef Filippo Sinisgalli and its brigade will drive the guests in a food and wine path along Italian tastes and territories. A culinary route with different steps: every dishes prepared by Il Palato Italiano are the points of arrival and departure for the next course. Each of these milestones of the Italian culinary art will mark the crescendo of tastes and stories of this journey.

In the days before the gala, from 9th to 11th March, the Pall Mall clubhouse will also host Il Palato Italiano in the Great Gallery: a series of authentic Italian Lunches and Dinners reserved to the member of the club. Everyday the menu will feature the best Italian produce, selected by Chef Filippo itself.

“The Royal Automobile Club was established in 1897 and quickly became home to motoring pioneers and the adventurous of heart. This continues today. Milestones will be held in the iconic fine-dining restaurant of the club: the Great Gallery

Il Palato Italiano is an exclusive club dedicated to the discovery, promotion and distribution od the finest Italian produce. We enhance the food and wine culture and art of Italy. We cherry-pick our small-scale family business producers that represents the best of Italian artisan mastery, preserving and narrating their unique stories and traditions. We offer experiential culinary paths in our Bolzano headquarters, all over the most beautiful place of Italy, and at your mansion.

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Source: Il Palato Italiano / Pino Cacucci, writer and traveler

Article by Dan Costin

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